Consumer advocate blocks auto insurance rate hike

Consumer Watchdog has been able to block a plan to increase the prices of motorists under California’s low-cost car insurance policy program.

The California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan (CAARP) had suggested gains averaging 3.8% statewide for California’s Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Plan — that allows low-income drivers to buy a decrease price liability automobile insurance coverage with more restricted coverage.

To offset this speed improve, Consumer Watchdog explained that filed comments to the nation’s insurance commissioner on June 10, asking a block into the changes. The customer advocate group said that the information employed by CAARP to compute the projected rate rises dated back prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and consequently failed to signify decreased driving as a consequence of California’s pre-order purchase.

Consumer Watchdog noted the obstructed speed hikes led to overall savings of $259,000 in yearly premiums for approximately 11,470 Low Price Car guaranteed vehicles.


“We’re happy with CAARP’s choice to shed its rate increase proposal in a period when low-income Californians are still bearing the brunt of this financial consequences of the outbreak,” explained Consumer Watchdog senior staff lawyer Pamela Pressley. “Californians with restricted incomes should not be made to choose between household necessities and car insurance they are needed to buy under California law

“Pressley added that many other standard car insurers have similarly ceased climbs based on obsolete loss proposals which were filed before this season.

In addition to stopping the speed rises, CAARP has dedicated to supplying 30 per cent premium refunds for Low Price Automobile Insurance Plan policyholders to March through May of 2020, along with 15% premium prices for June and July 2020. The choice had been made in reaction to bulletins issued from the state insurance commissioner directing all automobile insurance companies to provide refunds to represent decreased driving behaviour.

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