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CommonBond, Best Private Student Loans Reddit a major financial technology firm, announces today CommonBond SmartCash™ — a software which enables its clients to open a heart checking account whilst refinancing their student debt, allowing more efficient and easy use of money due to their student loan obligations and regular purchases.

SmartCash drives advantage to CommonBond’s clients in addition to their business partners. On the other hand, CommonBond has observed over 50% participation among its clients with this product, Best Private Student Loans Reddit and approximately 30% convert. On the other hand, this offering has pushed high-value Millennial and Gen Z clients to CommonBond’s first partner institution who supplies the core checking accounts — clients that are 15 years younger and more than 40 FICO points greater than the partner institution’s typical client.

“Best Private Student Loans Reddit”

So far, CommonBond has attained more than 500,000 users and forces student loan alternatives for 1000s of businesses nationwide. To learn more, see
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Best Private Student Loans Reddit

Armed with this information, Best Private Student Loans Reddit also in an attempt to supply customers with the capability to attain their financial goals while paying their student loans, Best Private Student Loans Reddit CommonBond has built technology that permits clients to refinance their student loan and also unlock savings and additional benefits via an exceptional core assessing merchandise (SmartCashTM).

CommonBond is a major financial technology company that supplies a suite of pupil loan-based options to customers and enterprises. Consumers benefit from cheaper, transparent, and easy techniques to cover their student debt.

This statement follows substantial growth for CommonBond, which increased earnings significantly in 2019, also continues its topline increase in 2020. The business is rewarding in 2020 year-to-date and is well known for its cheap customer purchase in addition to its high-quality customer experience. In recognition of this Organization’s innovative DNA, Best Private Student Loans Reddit Quick Company called CommonBond among those World’s 50 Most Innovative Businesses, and TIME Magazine called CommonBond among its 50 Genius Firms in 2018. So far, the business has attained over 500,000 consumers in its consumer business and 1000s of corporate customers in its business.

“We help individuals utilize their student loan to unlock value in their lives — SmartCashTM is still another means to do this — and in such times, allowing people to uncover more significance in their own lives feels much more prescient than ever before,” Best Private Student Loans Reddit explained CommonBond CEO and co-founder David Klein. “Our burgeoning suite of products are supposed to serve our clients with the perfect product at the ideal time, in an extremely contextualized and easy way.”
This announcement follows other recent statements from CommonBond — including asset proprietor (SmartSaveTM) and tax-advantaged employer-paid retirement capital (Retirement Donation ™) — most of which are ways for customers with student loans to uncover more fiscal value in their own lives. The core technology supporting SmartCash includes integrated and smooth account opening, Best Private Student Loans Reddit in addition to customizable incentives technology which may be accommodated to and from any partner association, such as through API integration with CommonBond.

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